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Forum Terms!

Thu May 21, 2009 9:51 pm by Knightmare

The Forum Terms. They will be continually Updated.

Bumping: Posting in a topic that hasn't been posted in for a month or more.
Spam: A useless or off-topic post.
Lock: Once a topic has been locked, it cannot be posted in by anyone but a moderator or admin.
Noob/Nub (n00b): Short for newbie, someone who is looked down upon because of failure to meet the standards of the forum. Usual signs of a noob are bad grammar, bad spelling, 1337speak, and overuse of abbreviations, along with breaking the rules.
Admin: Administrator, one who has the highest power on the forums.
Super Mod: A User that has the same as the Administrator's Powers, but is not the "Founder" of the Website.
Mod: Moderator, someone who has more powers than a regular member, but less than an admin. Such as the ability to lock topics and give warning.
Global Mod: Global Moderator, a moderator who's powers apply to the entire forums as opposed to a section of the forums.
Leet Speak (1337): The use of numbers to replace certain letters usually combined with phonetic spelling and little to no puctuation or capitalization. Example: 1 w177 r0x0r j00r b0x0rz. (I will roxor your boxers.)
Warning: Points given to a user for breaking the rules. Once a member has gotten 100 warning points, the user will be temporarily banned. Warning points can only be given to users by moderators and administrators.
Ban: The act of being kicked of the forums for an extended amount of time. If a user is extremly bad, they may be Permabanned or banned forever.
Hacking: Breaking into the code of a website or computer in order to control it or destroy it. One who hacks is called a hacker.
Sticky: When a topic is made stationary to the top of the page so that more member wil be likely to see it.
Credits: The forum currency. Can be used to buy items from the Shopping Mall section.
Ranks: Those Pictures beneath the Username are known as their "Rank". It is there to show your place in the Community. The increase in your ranks, it will depend on your posts. Some Users that are apart of the Staff will have Special Ranks showing what their Power is.

LOL: Laugh out loud.
FTW: For the win.
FTFW: For the f*cking win
FTL: For the lose.
FTFL: For the f*cking lose
WTF: What the f*ck.
GTFO: Get the f*ck out.
STFU: Shut the f*ck up.
OMG: Oh my goodness.
LAWL/LULZ: A twisting of Lol, having basically the same meaning, but used in more mean spirited circumstances.
Hax: Implying that someone has hacked in order to win.
Haxor (h4x0r): Hacker
FU: F*ck you.
BRB: be right back
G2G: Got to go.
BTW: By the way.
IDK: I don't know
PWN/POWN/P0WN: A corruption of own, showed with more enthusiasm. It can also be used in the past tense pwned/pwnd/pwnt.
ATM: At the Moment

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